Super Mega Crossover Project is in production!

Attractive artwork needed for a mega project. Fight other characters in a rock paper scissors style reflex game, and unleash your special attack to do massive damage!

If you want in, I need the following:

-An original character. Parodies are welcome but keep it tasteful.
-Character name.
-A 140×288 image of your character with a simple/detailed background.
-A winning and losing image of the same resolution.
-2 winning quotes, and 2 losing quotes.
-If I need more, I will update you.

The gears have already begun to turn. Programming it is almost too easy. And all that is needed is YOU.

I’m still thinking of what the reward will be for you guest artists. You already will have your website/blog featured in the gallery section of the game, so that means advertising for you. If the game sells good on Android, we will use the money to fund an iPhone release. But lets focus on the art for now.

Email your entries to
I will reply back to explain what you can fix, and junk like that.

Good luck.


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