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Superpower 4

Energy constructs are probably my favorite thing like, ever. A construct can be a weapon, armor, a shield, or perhaps a thought.

Thats just the beginning.


Superpower 4htt…


Resistance is Futile

Superpower 3

After I finished, she looked very familiar. Too much stimulation for you?



Why don’t you take a chill pill?

Superpower 2

http://powerlisting.wikia .com/wiki/Ice_Manipulation

Tried to do some foreshortening. I couldn’t decide on smooth ice armor or jagged.


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Superpower Sketch a Day, stinken glowy

I need practice on all fields, so I decided to do a super power a day to keep my mind from doing the same junk over and over. Lets hope it works. The way I’m choosing is just clicking the random article link on

First power is radiokinetic combat.

There I go using green, but green fits so good with the whole radioactive thing. Then again green fits with everything with me.


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